Personal Mortgages – Masutes Group

Customers whom we have helped secure a personal mortgage include;

  1. Senior professionals with high salary looking to obtain part interest-only mortgage for their residential property at 90% LTV.
  2. Junior professionals who have just started working after recently graduated from university, with parents helping with the deposit for a mortgage.
  3. Individuals with income paid in foreign currency looking for a mortgage in the UK.
  4. Recently started self-employed with only first year’s accounts available.
  5. Couple living in UK, one with visa on business and other with a part time job.
  6. Parents remortgaging their investment property to release equity in order to help their children with a deposit to buy their own property.
  7. Help to buy, shared equity mortgages, guarantor mortgages.
  8. Customers requiring assistance to decide the best mortgage deal and interest rate out of 100s of options.
  9. Homeowner customers on a higher interest rate due to low deposit seeking to port the mortgage to a new property or sell the home and take a new mortgage.
  10. Business customers previously unsuccessful with their mortgage application due to low profit seeking a mortgage based on most recent years trading figures.

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