Pavinder Singh (Pav Masutes) – Masutes Group Founder – Masutes Group

Masutes Group’s CEO and Founder is Parvinder Singh, aka Pav Masutes to family, friends and business associates. Based in Edinburgh, Pav has established a highly successful business since he first came to Scotland to study in 2008.

Pav says, ‘After I graduated at Edinburgh Napier University, I knew there was a great career in business and finance waiting for me here, but first I needed some work experience. So, before my banking years, I served in the hospitality and service industries, where my desire and ability to deliver great customer satisfaction grew stronger. I joined the banking sector in May 2009 first as a Customer Adviser, rising to branch manager for The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) at their headquarters In Edinburgh.’

Pav soon showed he had talent in finance. During the early years of his banking career, Pav was named top customer advisor out of 90 advisors in Scotland. Pav quickly gained experience in sales and customer advice and learnt how to develop and create new methods of resolving customer issues. Pav adds, ‘One of my most important attributes became listening and processing the relevant information provided by the customer. I was dealing with hundreds of clients on a monthly basis, where the listening and processing of relevant information provided by the customer soon became second nature.’

Working at RBS provided Pav with an insightful knowledge of the banking world; from personal finance, business finance, commercial and domestic mortgages to credit cards and many other financial products and services. After several years spent in the banking sector, Pav found a specific customer need that he could service – helping customers reach their personal or business financial goals. Since first identifying this gap he has served 100s of clients from all walks of life needing property and financial assistance.

Pav says, ‘my prime focus has simply been to work with each customer to solve their financial or property challenge, and to not give up until we have a solution. I found that achieving this takes discipline, consistency, being focused and hard work, but is very possible.’

The results speak for themselves – conducting over 8,000 fact finds and a 100% success rate for over 1,000 client transactions completed so far. Having come from a corporate finance background, Pav has acquired a vast amount of knowledge across different areas of the banking business. Pav’s USP is his ability to apply the correct strategy at the right time to get the best results.

And having achieved this at a relatively young age, Pav feels that other young people can do the same. ‘I share my values of focus and discipline with others, guiding and coaching students and young professionals in achieving their desired goals. Everybody deserves a chance and I make sure that we give that chance to new people in our firm.’

Pav’s personal journey has seen a very successful business career with a loving family based in Edinburgh. He now feels very strongly attached to Scotland and also wants to give something back. Pav invests his experience and energy in supporting three issues he is particularly passionate about; i) enterprise ii) young people and iii) addressing issues of disadvantage.

‘I am used to working 16-18 hours, five days per week,’ Pav says. ‘I enjoy my work and the diversity of my business allows me to put as many hours as it takes, as it never feels like work to me.’

If you would like to speak with Pav, perhaps because you have a particular finance or property issue you would like to discuss, or you would like to know more about this likeable, enigmatic businessman, then drop him an email You’ll be sure to get a quick and friendly response!

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